10 Best Space Saving Furniture Designs

Furnishing a small space can be tough. You want to maximise the space you have available, while still being able to move around. Luckily, there are lots of ingenious space saving furniture designs that can help you. If you choose the right pieces, you can get furniture that neatly hides away or performs multiple functions. Have a look at some of these clever options.

Space Saving Bookshelf, Table, and Chairs

The 'As If from Nowhere' furniture set by Orla Reynolds is a smart and bright space saving solution. The white bookcase has empty slots, where you can slide in the colourful table and chairs when you're not using them.

Staircase Storage

The space under the stairs doesn't have to be empty. There are many smart ways to use it by installing cupboards and shelves. For example, the architecture firm Schemaa designed a set of stairs made of cupboards.

Bedside Tables

Bedside tables are a convenient place to store your personal items. They take very less space and lie nearby to your bed. They also are good to keep your bed time books and lamps.

BedUp Ceiling Bed

The idea of a Murphy bed, which folds upwards, is familiar to many. However, you can also buy a bedroom furniture that lifts right out of the way, onto the ceiling. The BedUp can be hoisted up to provide more space.

Desk Bed

Students or at-home workers might appreciate a bed that is also a desk. With a StudyBed, Hiddenbed or similar designs, the desk is hidden underneath the bed. Just pull the bed up and over to get access to the desk.

The Living Cube

Anyone looking for multifunctional small apartment furniture should check out Till Könneker's Living Cube. It has room for a queen-sized bed on top. There's also a workspace or storage underneath, desk, wardrobe, and even a mini-bar


Chair and Table Stacking

Chairs can get in the way when you're not using them. Fortunately, there are clever ways to put them out of sight. For example, German designer Dedon has come up with a set of rattan chairs and table that stack into a beautiful cone shape.

Floating Shelves

Sometimes the best ways to save space are the simplest. If you're looking for space saving furniture in Australia, you can easily find some floating shelves. By using the wall space, you avoid using your precious floor space.

Foldable Sofas

Sofa beds are nothing new, but you can find many smart designs that are better than others. For a more modern take on the space saving item, the Dorme sofa bed by Silje Nesdal offers lots of flexibility.

Ceiling Storage

Making the most of the walls and ceiling is important, especially when it comes to storage. Solutions like the Dalt pulley system can come to your rescue. You can use it to hang baskets and other items from the ceiling.

Fun and Games

There can still be room for fun in a small apartment. For example, you can buy a dining table that converts into a pool table. You can even get a door that flips over to become a table tennis table.

 You don't need a lot of space to make the most of your small home. Some clever furniture will help you do the job.