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10 Tips For Arranging Living Room Furniture

Living room

Making sure your living room furniture is arranged in the most practical yet aesthetic way is crucial. It can depend on many things, from how you use your living room, to how many people you live with. Here are 10 tips you can use when arranging living room furniture:

Empty Your Room

Before you start, empty the living room if you can. This means you’ll be able to see the room’s shape and size with fresh eyes. The old arrangement won’t affect your judgment either. You can come up with something totally new that works well in your space.

Use Furniture Of Different Heights

Using furniture of different heights can create interest in your living room. Make sure you experiment to see what looks best. You can do this with your accessories too.

Know Dimensions Before Buying

Make sure you know the dimensions of your living room before buying your furniture. You’ll need to be sure you can get your pieces through the doors/windows, and that they are going to suit the space that you have to work with.


Work Around Your Coffee Table

Working around your coffee table makes this area your focal point, and can help you to create more of a social seating area. Make sure your chairs and other seating items are facing one another to encourage conversation.

Use Furniture to Split Your Space

 As open plan homes are ever popular these days, use furniture to create the divide between rooms. You could make sure the back of your sofa is facing your kitchen, for instance.

Face The TV

Most people use their living rooms for watching TV, so angle your furniture this way if applicable to you. You can try arranging your pieces parallel to the walls, maybe even diagonally to create interest.


Consider Window Seating

 Window seating is a great idea if you want a reading nook, but it’s suited for anybody. You don’t always need to make sure your living room furniture is facing the TV. If you love to read, this idea is great for you.

Allow Space For Movement

 Make sure you allow space for movement. Make sure there’s plenty of room in walkways and around your tables and things. You don’t want guests to bump elbows and struggle to move. As a rule, you should have at least 3ft of walkway space.

Don’t Push Furniture Against The Wall

Pushing furniture up against the wall is so old school, and just doesn’t make sense. Having it away from the wall creates more of an inviting space. It just looks better too! You don’t want a load of space in the middle of the living room randomly.

Carefully Place Your Rug

Make sure you carefully place your rug. Don’t balance chairs and things on the edge of it. They should be completely off or completely on. Make sure it isn’t in the way of walkways either, as it could potentially create a trip hazard.

Try these 10 tips and see if they can transform the look of your living room!



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