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15 Best Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Your bedroom is your haven, and that makes it one of the most important rooms in the house. If you’re looking to change the style of your bedroom, here are some bedroom decoration ideas to consider. You could purchase some of these elegant bedroom furniture at Aristeia.

1. Combine Bold and Subtle Colours

The contrast between subtle white and a bold, vibrant blue can have a great impact in your bedroom. The combination of bold and subtle is always simple yet effective.

2Customise a Headboard

Your bed’s headboard has great potential. You can upholster it and do something interesting with it to give your bed an entirely new look.

Victorian Bedroom - Photo by Town House Interiors

3. Comfortable Extra Seating

For people who spend a lot of time in their bedrooms, it’s vital to have some comfortable seats. They should fit in with the design of the room and extra relaxation possibilities.

Transitional bedroom photo by E & A Custom Homes

4. Install a Canopy
Add some elegance and style to your bedroom with a canopy above your bed. Some people opt for the frame on its own, but draping some silk over it can look great too.

5. Create a Focal Point
Every bedroom should have a focal point. It might be a particularly attractive piece of furniture. Or it could even be your bed if it has a standout design.

6. Display Your Love of Movies or Music Creatively
If you love movies, why not let old movie posters decorate your bedroom’s walls? And music lovers can repurpose old vinyl records into new wall adornments.

Rustic bedroom image courtesy Somrak Concept and Structure, Inc

7. Find a Fitting Bedside Table
All designer bedrooms need to have the best bedside tables. They’re a vital part of the room in terms of functionality and design, so make sure yours fit the style of the room.

8. Incorporate Antique Furniture and Items
To stop your bedroom feeling too inauthentic, you should incorporate antique furniture and items. These can make the room feel a bit more prestigious and glamorous.

9. Add a Burst of Colour to the Floor
There is always a risk of your floors becoming a little dull if you do nothing with them. Change that by adding a burst of colour in the form of a good rug.

Photo courtesy Keeping Interiors

10. Choose an Eye-Catching Duvet
The duvet on your bed is very important. You can turn your bed into an eye-catching feature if you choose a duvet that really stands out and looks unusual.

11. Take Advantage of Warm Lighting
Your bedroom should be relaxing, so it should also have warm lighting. Choose lampshades that create a subdued but warm lighting effect, and pick colours that aid this.


12. Create a Graphic Wall Pattern by Mounting Items
When you’re looking for something really unusual to do, you should consider mounting items to the wall. This creates a textured and graphic wall pattern that’s completely unique.

13. Use Plenty of Mirrors
The more mirrors you have in your bedroom, the better. Mirrors not only make the space look bigger but also make the room much lighter.

Image Courtesy: Elemant of style blog

14. Make Photos Works of Art
Photos can be the ideal way to add an interesting visual design to your wall. But they can also be very personal as well, which is important to many people. 

15. Add Pillow for Comfort and Visual Appeal 
If there’s one thing your bedroom should be, it is comfortable. And adding things like throws and pillows not only make it comfortable, but they can also improve the visual appeal.


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