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5 Gorgeous Ways To Decorate The Corners

We tend to ignore the corners in our homes. You stare at the empty corners of your home and feel that something is missing. But it can be converted into the most creative place of your house. Corners aren’t just for keeping shoe rack or leaving it empty. A lot can be done to give the silent corners of your home a creative makeover. Being said that, it’s not necessary to modify each and every corner of your home. Just revise one or two of them and give a new look to your home.

Squeeze in a Reading Nook:

If you are a book lover and want a cozy place to enjoy your novels, what better then wedging yourself into a small space that mentally hugs you as you curl up in a comfy chair and read. Free wall space makes a great backdrop for a homemade bookcase. Corner shelving is enough for beginners to customize to their space. If you aren’t a DIY fan, there are plenty of bookshelves available in the market. This way your unnoticed corner will get transformed into an in-house library.

Chairs and Rugs:

Turn an empty corner into a sitting area. Place a comfortable chair and a floor lamp set. Enhance the comfort of chair by throwing one or two colourful cushions and a warm blanket along with a perfectly placed rug. Add floor bookshelf to showcase your novel collection and add a small tree, which will bring dimension, texture and a much needed does of greenery. We bet it’ll be the favourite corner of your house.

Swing it up:

Focal points of your house are not always over the sofa or fireplace. Turn an unassuming corner into something unique, with the help of dramatic décor. Make you childhood dreams come true by adding a hanging chair. It endorses a bit of fun and whimsy, but keeps the floor space open which helps to give more open feeling the corner in general.

Create a gallery wall:

Here’s a time-honoured solution, transform your shoe rack corner into an art corner. You don’t need a large wall for your dream gallery- a corner works nicely. A beautiful mess on a blank space to create an eye-catching display is perfect to get the corners of your living room or even your bedroom feel alive. Cover the whole wall with beautiful family pictures or handmade paintings, mirrors or empty artistic frames and there, you have a corner you could decorate as your mood takes you.

 Smart Storage:

With lesser space and infinite things we need in our daily lives today, a storage space anywhere in the house comes handy. Squeeze cabinets, floating shelves or even a chest of drawer that nestles perfectly into corners, taking up the least amount of space possible yet making neglected nooks useful and an inviting spot.


There are a lot of other options that you can consider like oversize lamps, side tables – but whatever you choose, just make sure that it coordinates with the rest of your décor so that it doesn’t look like an afterthought, even if it was.


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