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7 ways to make your small space look larger

Many people only have a limited amount of space to work with when it comes to creating the perfect lay out in the home. Luckily, there are some incredible ways you can make your small space work harder and look larger. Some of these tips will help you to save physical space, while others will simply help you to create the illusion of more space. Here are 7 ways to make your small space look larger. Enjoy!

Be Smart With Your Accessories

 Make sure you’re smart with your accessories. Some accessories can make a space look smaller, while other strategically placed accessories can make the space look larger. For instance, a plush folded up throw at the end of a bed can make it look larger. However, you shouldn’t have too many cushions, as this will shrink your space. An ottoman or tray at the end of the bed can help to make it look larger too. Then, you can do things like select block colours for your bed linen, preferably light colours, so it looks larger. Select your bedroom furniture with these points in mind and your bedroom will appear much bigger. You can use these tips in other rooms too, though.

Use Light Colours On The Walls

Using light colours opens up a space. They reflect light around any room, helping it to look so much bigger. This optical illusion is one of the most popular. Dark colours look great and even luxurious but don’t use them if you’re short on space.

Let In More Light

Let in as much light as you can. The lighter a room, the bigger it’ll feel. You’ll have a nice, airy, fresh space rather than small cramped one.

Make Your Furniture Double Up As Storage

Buy some items of furniture that double up as storage. You can buy ottomans and foot rests with space inside. However, if you need more space, you could buy storage bed furniture or a storage mirror. You’ll keep your space from looking cluttered and your furniture will work twice as hard.

Put Up More Mirrors

Mirrors reflect light around the room, so make sure you have them where you need them. Investing in a few pretty mirrors and placing them in small rooms will instantly add the illusion of space.

Paint the Ceiling

There are a few ways you can paint the ceiling to make your space look larger. Painting it the same light colour as your walls will eliminate the height lines from the room and make it appear taller. However, having light walls and a brighter ceiling can add a pop of colour, as well as draw the eye upwards. Another way to make the room look taller!  

Use Floating Fixtures and Fittings

Floating fixtures and fittings take up less space than bedside table furniture, regular vanity areas, and the like. Invest in floating shelves, floating sinks, and anything else that can float. Although it’ll still take up space, you’ll look as if you have far more floor space. This instantly creates the illusion of a larger space!



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