Design Your Dining Room - Tips and More

 A well designed dining room sets the overall mood to our homes. So many of us use our dining rooms only during the holidays to host a dinner party with friends and family. Perhaps we would use it more if it felt like a designer dining room, yet comfortable and functional. A successful dining room needs to have four key elements: a perfect dining table, fabulous lighting, lots of surface space and storage and one-of-a-kind artwork.

Dining Table:

Determine the size of your dining room and shape of the dining table that will suit best. There are so many amazing designs out there that will make the choice even more difficult. The perfect seating is very important if you want your guests to feel welcome. Elevate the style of your dining room with the type of dining table you want, be it a drop leaf, glass, counter high or wooden rustic table – indulge in and bring in the highlighting furniture piece for your dining room.


Dining rooms are the perfect place for a little drama and adding peerless lighting in a space changes the mood of the room. Since the lighting fixtures will serve as the centrepiece of the room, make sure to go with something that compliments your style. Just remember to keep it proportionate to the size of your room and the dining table. Don’t forget to make the best use of the natural light, it’s not only great aesthetically, but it’ll also be more environment friendly and cost effective.

Buffet Table:

Buffet Tables are among the most versatile piece of furniture. These are broadly used for storage, as a buffet for parties or to display a collection. Buffet tables are the focal point for dining space and hence they deserve to be styled to the nines! Let your imagination run free and create your own skyline of decoration or style it right when your host a cocktail party and lure your guests with the perfect buffet set up.

Dress up your walls:

Add visual interest by blending art and create something interesting on the walls for your guests to view and discuss. All it takes is one key, well placed and framed item to set the mood. The wall against your buffet table is a perfect spot to showcase your art collection or your interest. Add bold and colourful prints, vary heights by using accent pieces, layer to create texture and depth. Don’t stumble on adding your personal touch to it.

There is so much you can do with a room! Add, experiment and have some fun. Rediscover your dining room and look at it with new eyes and endless possibilities. 


*Image Source - Pinterest