Furnish It Right

“A home should tell a story of who you are and be a collection of what you love.”-Nate Berkus.
Making sure our home truly exemplifies our personality is what makes a house to “Our Home.” Little details or extensive decor plays a foremost role when we decide to furnish our home. Petite spaces or lusty rooms, here are a few tips you could use while furnishing your home- your testimony.
Beds should be nothing but comfortable. While you are spoiled with choices out there, with the vintage and mission beds to name a few, your primary concern should be how well it is going to help you with your good night sleep.
After you are sure with the comfort of the bed, think of what colour you want to indulge into.
Consider the size of the bed. Determine what size will fit well in your space, giving enough room for movement.Whether it is the limited space or you own a lot of things that require storage, opt for beds with chest of drawers. These don’t occupy extra spot in your room while still serving the purpose.
Console Tables
Whether you have a modern or a rustic console table, these tips will bring it to life.
Arrange your favourite pieces starting from the taller and larger ones at the back of the display.Experiment with colours, match them with your mood or simply add some pan colours to keep up with the trend. Go for simple yet strong shaped accessories.
Add some sparkle to the front of your console table, with small vases or ornaments that shines.Complete the look with a seasonal flower which you can replace each week.
And you just made a perfect hallway entrance with few of your favourite accessories that you can update whenever the mood takes you.
The Greek Philosopher, Plato said “A House that has a Library in it has a Soul.”
In the age of digitalization, reading as a leisure is confined to glowing screens of laptops, tablets and mobile phones. But a library in your home resonates your traits. No tablets or screens can beat the ageing smell of the pages or the thickness of the book.
Installing a library in your house is effortless. Ready to access bookshelves are available in abundance in the market. They are easy to install and serves the purpose just right.
If you have a small corner in your room, or by your bed, you could fix a few wooden planks for a rustic look.
Experiment with the furniture you already have. You could turn your centre table into your own little bookshelf or install empty wooden boxes on your favourite wall of the house.
Add a line of hanging lights or lamp near your reading spot and you will have your Own Library to read at.
With the number of options available today in the market and online, one can always play around with the interiors and experiment. Don’t ever abide by the rules while you are furnishing your house. Let your condo be your own personal space yet warm and welcoming. Always remember, if you love something it’ll work and that should be the only rule
*Image source: The images are taken from Pinterest.