Living Room : Storage Ideas

A beautifully organised living room is at the top of the list for most of us, but it’s easy for this busy space to become cluttered. Keep your living room clutter free with storage that is elegant as well as handy. Storage furniture won’t only give your living room a completely different look but it will create a serene space to relax in. There is nothing more unappealing than being surrounded by clutter, so restore that relaxing vibe with these living room storage ideas.


Shelves can be incorporated in a room in endless number of ways. Bookshelves and open shelves are two of them. You don’t need to follow the tried and traditional path when it comes to shelving. These are not only for traditional-style rooms, modular shelves and ladder-style shelves merge skilfully in a contemporary scheme as well. Theses shelves are great for storing your collection of books, DVD’s, photographs accessories and will be the focal point in your living room.

Console Table:

The console table is one of the most useful pieces of furniture, it adds storage and style to a narrow space in a foyer or tucks up nicely behind the back of a sofa. It’s a great way to demarcate and to decorate. Use the console table define your living space, to place that delicate vase or that fascinating curio. Cabinets below could be useful for anything from books to crockery. Alternatively, for console tables without the cabinets, add baskets below for extra storage. They’ll fill the negative space and also add desirable texture.

TV Unit:

TV units are so commonly used in the living room but we often overlook its purpose of a storage space as well. A smart, low unit for your television like the Egypt TV unit from our collection, with storage underneath for all your media equipment is a must. Add floating shelves above to display favourite items in an accent colour to create an uncluttered feel.

Coffee Table:

Coffee tables are another great storage pieces. These coffee table come with either an open shelf beneath or with the drawers.  The two-tiered coffee table gives you space to keep larger books, kids toys and get the stash of newspaper and remote controls out of the way. Either way, the multipurpose use of coffee table with storage will not only make your living room look clutter free but if styled in the right way (read Style your Coffee Table for tips) can add a soul to your living room.

These are just a few of the ways in which you could innovate with storage ideas. When you’re designing that living room, you’ll find that contemporary and modern styles are open to a whole host of new ideas that’ll satisfy your functional and aesthetic needs.



*Image Source - Pinterest