Patterns- for that patent look

Mixing prints is one of the hottest interior trends of 2017, but much like in fashion can feel like an artful alchemy that’s too complex to embark upon. However, if you love colour and long to inject personality into your home then it’s one of the easiest trends to get on board with. Be daring and mix it up with these top tips!

Patterned Walls:

Wallpaper is one of the simplest ways to introduce a bold pattern into your interiors. Choose one dominant print as a strong base and mix your patterns around it. Pair the graphic wallpaper with patterned accessories for a pulled together look.


Building up texture in different patterns is a great alternative if you can’t face going all in. You could take a neutral palette and add layers of patterns on it. Try fabrics and cushions paired with wooden furniture. Bring together colours like black, cream and taupe for a calm and tranquil look. Rugs and quilts also add some texture to the space and anchor your mixed pattern aesthetic. In our previous blog “Layering for winters” we’ve mentioned how rugs also emit a cosy feeling to any give space.


Consolidate different scales to the space so that the patterns don’t collide with one another. Sticking to the rule of three, pick one large, one medium and one small pattern to work with. While choosing the spot for your patterns, keep in mind the space you’re working in. A large pattern works well on a large item, such as a wall or a rug. A medium pattern is better suited to furniture and a small pattern to accent pieces.


Enduring and luxurious, monochrome prints can be employed in so many ways for this trend. You could use a striped rug on subtle check printed sofa to add a simple chic and sophisticated look. With this palette you can go all out with your prints. You can mix up your shapes and add a circular pattern on the throw to create visually stimulating scene that’s completely modern and stylish. Alternatively, if you have a single colour, play with different shades of that colour. So long as you still vary the scale and type of pattern, you can create a very cohesive look of mixed patterns this way.

 Patterns make a room pop and once you’ve mastered the art of mixing, it will take your interiors to the next level. The real fun of playing with patterns is to stick with pieces that you love, and then feel free to bend the rules.


*Image Source - Pinterest