Style Your Coffee Table

Design is in the details. Everything from the finish of your curtain rings to the scent of that candle on your table makes a difference. And while individually they may not matter, together they add up to make the whole of your space. So if this sort of thing is important to you, stay tuned, because we are going to spill some beans on how to style a coffee table.

In most cases, there are typically five main components that are used to style coffee tables. A tray, a sculpture of some variety for interest, a vase or two for height and a series of books. Give a little life to it by adding something green to it. Once you get a hang of these things, you can always play around with the palette and the texture.

For a rustic coffee table look, the secret is to play with a lot of texture. The components remain the same, but try to avoid any material that is glitzy or blingy. Give your coffee table a hint of wood by adding trays or piece of sculpture.

To give your coffee table a global look, add vintage item. As if they are collected slowly, over time that feels as if they have history. To complete the look add a bit of patina, like it has really lived its life.

Stagger more coffee tables, don’t stop at one. You could place three coffee tables across your living room and choose a different accent for each, say a book or a plant.

There you have it. A coffee table, all using the same main components in different variations.If you stick to a cohesive colour palette, play with height, shape, and texture, you should find yourself with a beautifully styled coffee table.