The Classic - Wood & White

Wood has always been a prominent feature in our homes. You only have to flick through magazines or scroll through your phone to see it’s everywhere. Wood is trendy, beautiful and appealing but moreover, a classic. Wooden furniture has never been out of sight since wood always manages to merge in or stand out perfectly with the selected palette.
Talking about one of the classics, wood and white tops the list. White adds a clean, calm feeling to a room while the warm tones and organic texture of the wood creates depth. It’s never too difficult to achieve a perfect look with this paired down palette.
If you’re a fan of the minimalist style home decor, a bed with a base that’s clad in light wood laminate would be the way to go for your bedroom! To set the foundation you could select decorative elements like a notable wooden dresser or bedside tables to begin with.
With white and wood being a time-honored combination, the doors are always open to experiment. Always be valiant about adding new elements with the palette. The beauty of wooden furniture is its ability to sync with its surroundings. Try adding a colourful vase to your coffee table, use colourful table mats with white plates. Using wooden furniture to your living room will never be démodé. Going vintage doesn’t mean settling for out-dated interior designs.
White wash is like a canvas, paint the picture you desire. Corners in the house are one thing you can use to paint just that. There are a few bed-side tables you can use as corner tables. Opting for pieces like a chest of drawers which will not only serve as a storage space but you could also add fun, quirky pieces to it.
White walls and wood furniture come together to create a timeless, gentle aesthetic. Thanks to its simplicity, it’s not difficult to achieve a well-designed look with wooden furniture. Using wooden furniture has always come handy considering the infinite options it offers. It can be used both in and out of the home, it gives striking detail and it can also vary to suit your style. Simply put, you can’t go wrong with a neutral home décor theme. While you are at it, remember to embed a fun quotient to it.