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About Us

The idea for our exquisite furnishing offering through the online brand Aristeia was conceptualised from our passion for travel, a strong sense of aesthetics and a deep spirit of entrepreneurship. We have drawn inspiration from ancient Greek literature. The word ‘Aristos’ means ‘best’ in Greek language. Aristeia signifies ‘Excellence’.


Our wanderlust has been instrumental in our discovery of fine objects of decoration, comfort and utility from all over the world. It has helped us build strong partnerships with experienced craftsmen and suppliers. It offers us an opportunity to present the unique crafts, skills and designs from various parts of the globe. Our online operations mean lower costs and better value proposition for our customers.


We work closely with highly skilled artisans and certified manufacturing houses to warrant the best quality of the products. An efficient quality control process ensures that the products are delivered as per our custom designs, where specified.


Please drop in our online store. We are sure you would find several products that would delight you. If you wish to show your appreciation for any of our products, here is link to our facebook page to register your likes.  We welcome your suggestions on product designs, delivery, customer service or any aspect. We strongly believe that a superior quality and excellent customer service are the key drivers of success and we will strive not only to achieve it but to surpass it all the times. We wish you a pleasurable experience at Aristeia.